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Capturing all the charm of Disney – Courage & Kind clothes

Courage & Kind clothesHow many Disney DVDs do you have – a whole library or a choice few? A friend of mine has the entire back catalogue, I think, in all their technicolor glory. Scrip would certainly like a few more and she cherishes the ones she has. I still enjoy them, too. I can easily be persuaded to sit with her and watch Tangled or Cinderella – much more so than My Little Pony.

So why doesn’t that magic translate onto Disney clothes? Not the replica princess dresses but everyday items. Scrip adores her Frozen PJs but they’re really not very charming. Likewise t-shirts and jumpers. So how about these Courage & Kind clothes – aren’t they beautiful? These are from the Alice in Wonderland range and I love how they’ve created clothes which are just as magical as the film.

The dress is gorgeous with a beautiful and clever Alice-inspired pattern, and the cardigan has little felt Queen of Hearts pockets. I’m trying to save these two for a family party but I’m coming under a lot of pester power from Scrip who just wants to wear them all the time.

All of the Courage & Kind clothes are inspired by the classic cartoons but don’t just slap an image of the hero or heroine on the front. They use patterns, imagery and styling in original, interesting ways, creating outfits that charm the parents as much as their children. There’s a boys’ and girls’ range too. They’d also make fantastic presents.

They’re an investment rather than every day, but they’re beautifully crafted and fit well. In fact I’d love some adult versions, please! I know I’m not the only one, judging by the reaction on Instagram.

PS – I love the name! ‘Have courage and be kind’ has got to be my favourite Disney life motto.



Why Inside Out is a great choice for little (and big) kids

Inside OutI love (and miss) going to the cinema and now Scrip is old enough to enjoy it it’s a real treat to take her along. Obviously she won’t be munching popcorn in front of the latest psychological thriller anytime soon, but hopefully we can meet in the middle and both enjoy clever and entertaining children’s films. And that’s exactly what we did last weekend as we were treated to a screening of the newest Disney film, Inside Out.

She was rapt throughout and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a pretty long time. They’ve struck the balance between adult jokes and children’s humour really well.

The film’s based on what’s going on inside us and what controls our thoughts and feelings – in this case little characters which are personifications of emotions: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness, with all their quirky traits. I wasn’t sure if the concept was too hard for a three year old to grasp but straightaway Scrip was tapping her head and asking in a loud whisper if they were inside her too, so I guess not!

We were invited by Subway, to celebrate their tie-up with Inside Out and the day started with a late lunch of an Inside Out Kids’ Pak™. There’s a kid’s sub, juice, Bear Fruit Yoyos and game inside a shoulder bag with an Inside Out character on (six to collect in total). Scrip chose Disgust, which may explain her recent threenager behaviour.

She’s never been to Subway before but she readily wolfed down the lunch (which meant I wasn’t in too much trouble for not buying popcorn afterwards). The bag is hanging neatly on her door and is probably now filled with hair clips, badges and dolls’ house characters.

A new-found aversion to balloons popping meant we didn’t join in with the other activities, which also included face or hand painting with favourite characters (I encouraged a reappraisal of Joy for that one). But we enjoyed the atmosphere and I enjoyed spending some quality time with Scrip whilst my husband looked after baby D. All in all it was a great afternoon out. And being in Leicester Square, American ice cream may have just featured afterwards to fuel the tube journey home. Thank you Subway!

Inside Out is out now.

Subway’s Facebook Page.

Subway Kids Pak