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Goalllll!: Mothercare Junior Goal review

Mothercare Junior GoalA quick garden kick about has become a bit of an after-work ritual – weather and work permitting. I love the fact we can all have a bit of a run around together, with Scrip pretending to be mummy’s team or daddy’s team, alternately. And my husband enjoys it even more (he’d be happy playing football all day, every day). So Scrip was delighted when I was able to review this garden Junior Goal from Mothercare.

It’s a good size – not too tiny for growing children but not dominating the garden – and it was easy to put together. The net was a little fiddly to attach and needed a gentler touch than my impatient husband! It would have been easier if the instructions were just for this type rather than three different goals, as that made it a little confusing. But all in all it probably took about 20 minutes to put together. So even keen footballers can wait that long to take their penalties.

Scrip even told my sisters she wanted to be a footballer when she grew up, so I think she’s enjoying using it! We’ll get a cover for it for wetter weather so it lasts a fair few football seasons, but at the moment it’s tucked away by the hedge for quick access. And as you can see, it doubles up as a useful bar for aspiring walkers.

Thank you from my whole football team, Mothercare! The Junior Goal is £29.99.

A new signing: the Little Foxes footballing debut

Little FoxesThe moment Scrip’s dad had been waiting 18 months for arrived this Saturday – she had her first football lesson. The morning started with a tussle over Scrip’s outfit (I persuaded my husband to wait to showcase her toddler Arsenal kit until at least week 3) and then a panic over wet weather gear, as the heavens opened and her trusty oilcloth raincoat was nowhere to be found. Finally, with 10 minutes to spare and raincover firmly in place, we hotfooted it to Ravenscourt Park to join the other tiny players at Little Foxes.

We chose Little Foxes as we’ve walked past the sessions in the park a number of times and the children – big and small – Continue reading