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Sew Coastal – a brilliant business homemade in Cornwall

Sew Costal projectA few days in Cornwall and a healthy dose of sunshine and I’m already plotting our move down here. Not sure my husband feels quite the same (much as he loves it here it’s pretty far away from his Kent homeland, I have to admit) but Scrip certainly Continue reading

Microwave Marmalade – a newmumblings make

Jam and marmalade making doesn’t have to be the preserve (sorry) of those with bags of time and an industrial-sized kitchen. I’ve made this recipe every January for the past four or five years – so a few times pre-baby, then heavily pregnant (with a bit of carrying help from my mum) and when Scrip was just under a year old. And it’s easy and delicious.Microwave marmalade collage

There are no sticky jam thermometers involved or massive vats of liquid bubbling Continue reading