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First half day with the nanny(share)

Ahead of me going back to work, we’ve decided on a nannyshare – which was a pretty complex process in itself, but I’m really happy with the arrangements now. To ease Scrip in gently we’re starting off with some half days. Today was the first.

Was a little apprehensive about leaving her this morning – especially when I was greeted by her cheerful little face bobbing up and down in the Jumperoo when I got up – but I knew for her it would be a few hours’ worth of play in an exciting new place with brand new toys. She seems to love the nanny (hooray) and seeing different things, as well as her new little friend. Sure the novelty will wear off at some stage but for now, it was all smiles when I left.

Meanwhile, I had freedom to meet an old friend, drink a coffee without balancing a little wriggler on my knee/worrying about spilling it and even wear earrings! Can count the number of times I’ve been able to do that in the last seven months on three fingers. I also made a quick stop off at the Whistle’s sale (as you do) to use my credit card on something for me for a change. My efficiency has improved no end on mat leave.

By the time I picked her up I was refreshed and very keen to see her. And she was in her element – banging away on a little miniature piano (yes really – evidence here) and laughing hysterically. A good half day.