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GUEST POST: Late Fragments – advance parenting

IMG_0015-0.JPGMy sister has given me space for a guest blog. I won’t use it to rhapsodise about being Scrip’s aunty (I’d like to save that for a future post), but to highlight another blog, which has now also become a book, Late Fragments, available to pre-order here.

It’s a blog by an old friend of mine, Kate Gross, who writes about being a mum, amongst other things, but also about ‘advance mothering’ – that is, preparing her five-year-old twin boys for a future without her. Kate needs to do this because she’s in the final stages of advanced cancer, and she won’t be with her family for much longer.

I knew Kate when we both worked in Brussels more than 10 years ago. After that we drifted apart, as people do, but I sometimes heard her news from mutual friends or acquaintances. It was an absolutely dreadful shock to learn of her diagnosis a couple of years ago, and a lovely surprise to discover her blog. I knew Kate before she had her children (in fact before she met her husband), but through her writing I have got to know her again as a mother.

I sincerely hope no-one reading this is in a similar situation to Kate or her family. And I don’t recommend her blog to make you realise how lucky you are, nor to remind you that the little annoyances of life don’t really matter, nor to prompt you to hug your own little ones that bit tighter when you put them to bed tonight. I recommend it because, through my tears, I have found Kate’s writing beautiful, wise, and life-affirming, and I hope you will too.