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Little Yeos new Fromage Frais: for growing hands

Little Yeos fromage fraisYoghurt is up there with ice cream on Scrip’s favourite dessert list and when we were sent some Yeo Valley organic Fromage Frais from their new range to try, they didn’t stay in the fridge for long.

The first thing that struck me was the size – they’re really sweet and squat little tubs which are described as ‘perfect for growing hands’. I think they’d be particularly great for weaning and are very portable.

They also look lovely – colourful but tasteful designs reflecting the organic range. I’ve loved Yeo Valley since those brilliant farmers rapping ads and I like the fact it’s a family-run organic company based in Somerset. I can’t say everything Scrip eats is organic but we do have an organic veg and fruit box every week from Abel & Cole (particularly good for me as a veggie) and we always try and buy organic dairy and meat.

Flavour-wise, I can’t say Scrip had a particular favourite as she happily wolfed them all down, but Pear & Apple sounded quite interesting to me as did Mango & Vanilla and Strawberry & Peach. And that particular range was sweetened only with organic grape juice, which was a nice touch. All the ranges contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

They definitely had the (sticky) thumbs up from Scrip and me.

Little Yeos Fromage FraisThe full range

Merry Berries 6 pack (Fromage Frais)

  • 3 x Strawberry and 3 x Raspberry
  • 6 x 45g
  • £1.79

Mellow Yellows 6 pack (Fromage Frais)

  • 3 x Peach and 3 x Apricot
  • 6 x 45g
  • £1.79

No Added Refined Sugar 6 packs – sweetened using only organic grape juice concentrate

  • 3 x Strawberry & Vanilla, 3 x Mango & Vanilla or 3 x Strawberry & Peach, 3 x Apple & Pear
  • 6 x 45g
  • £1.79

Little Yeos Fruity Favourites (Yogurts)

  • 1 x Strawberry, Peach, Apricot and Raspberry flavours
  • 4 x 90g
  • £1.79

Little Yeos Tubes (Fromage Frais)

  • 3 x Strawberry, 3 x Raspberry, 3 x Apricot
  • 9 x 40g
  • £1.79

The website: yeovalley.co.uk.