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Our windows onto the world

VELUX window in snowSpace isn’t just at a premium in London: I should imagine most families across the country feel they could do with more of it. I’ve written about Scrip’s box room nursery before, our storage areas feel like they’re already bursting at the seams (my mum said just today she didn’t understand how I fitted everything in – and the fact is, I don’t) and that’s before we’ve introduced another little person who’ll be followed by a deceptively huge array of accessories (one word: Jumperoo).

Just over two years ago, on a space-enlarging mission, we went up into the loft to create an extra bedroom and bathroom. We’re lucky we were able to do this and we’re really pleased with the results. We quickly moved our bedroom up there and Scrip loves the amount of room she has to play in when she ventures upstairs. In fact, her balance bike and trike seem to have found permanent parking spaces underneath my dressing table. Continue reading