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My maternity staples – taking you through 9 months of bump

maternity staplesI definitely stuck to a capsule wardrobe during my pregnancy this time, and whilst some things were great for the early stages I’ve found there were a few classics I was able to wear from mini-bump to maxi-bump, and that stayed comfy and shapely along the way. Here are some of my maternity favourites this time:

H&M MAMA black stretchy jeans (£20)
These didn’t lose their shape or get too faded and I wore them for 4 or 5 months as well as after birth. They’re comfy and more flattering than a lot of maternity jeans.

Jojo Maman Bebe 4 Way Maternity cardie (£39)
My version was actually the thicker, winter version of this but it’s got the same shape. It’s nice to pull on when you’re not in the mood for tight clothing, it’s warm whilst being a layer you can take on or off and you can wear it in different ways. Plus there was plenty of room for my growing bump.

Gap V-neck long sleeve t-shirt (£14.99)
A great stretchy staple. Mine was purple (in a bid to move away from the blacks and greys) and it was long enough to pull down over trousers and not ride up. It’s been great for layering.

Vertbaudet Colline maternity sweater (£34)
This looks smarter than a stretchy t-shirt and is just as comfy. It’s been really versatile and I’ve worn it with skirts and trousers, to birthday parties and to work meetings. It’s also good for layering with a vest for breast feeding.

Isabella Oliver blue dress (£40 on eBay)
Mine was similar to this but much less as I got it on eBay. I love Isabella Oliver and Baukjen dresses – in fact I’ve still been able to wear my non-maternity stripey Baukjen dress up until recently and it seems to ping back into place for post-maternity. This blue dress has been brillant for work, dinner out and most recently, a Christening. It’s smart but comfy and I love the shade. It’s worth signing up to emails as there are always promotions and great sales and the clothes are worth the investment.

And one thing I wish I’d had:

Maternity sweat pants (£20)
For some reason I never got round to buying these. I still had some harem pants from last time that I’ve been wearing but they’re really not very flattering. Something like this would have been great for weekend wearing (or weekday mat leave sofa slouching).

What are your maternity staples? I’d love to know.


Hiding the bump: clothes that disguise your growing tummy

Telling my boss was a nerve wracking moment and I breathed a sigh of relief when my pregnancy was out in the open at work (a few people seemed to have noticed the decaf tea and the constant nibbling so it probably wasn’t the big surprise I thought it might be). But the majority of my clients still don’t know, so until they do I’m having to be pretty choosy with what I wear from Tuesday to Friday.

I’m 16 weeks with a growing bump: nothing massive but noticeable, particularly at the end of a day filled with nibbling (see above: it’s still going on). So if you’re in a similar situation, here’s what I’ve found works for me: Continue reading