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Mothercare Spring/Summer 2017 Preview: my top picks

This month my London meetings coincided with the Mothercare Spring/Summer 2017 press day by happy coincidence. It meant adding a little bit of sunshine and a lot of bright colours and positive slogans to my day, which were much needed after this week’s sorry events. Plus I got to meet Hannah @ Budding Smiles and Alex @ Lamb & Bear which was a nice bonus (and a good reminder to buy Baby D some his Christmas leggings from Lamb & Bear!).

I’m a bit sad that Scrip is getting too big for some of Mothercare’s clothes because I think the ranges get better and better. For next summer, expect this:

Never out of fashion and some can be unisex – I love stripes. Nautical, smock tops and sweet toddler tees to look forward to.
Mothercare topMothercare vestMothercare t-shirt

I particularly love the ‘3 months’ and ‘6 months’ vests – taking their cues from the popular age cards. These are fab and would make good presents. My Rainbow Baby is a lovely idea and Little Bird slogans are as joyful as ever. Little Bird happy t-shirtMonth marker vestsRainbow baby vest

Some roarsome stuff here and great little details. The little faces and ears on the sleeves of this t-shirt and the dinosaur scale leggings are gorgeous. I’m very tempted by the bedding.

Mothercare jumperMothercare cat sleevesAnimal bedding

Perfect patterns
Orla Kiely sleepbags, retro dresses and that unisex babygro (I love unisex now, for obvious reasons!)

Little Bird sleepsuitOrla Kiely sleepbags Little Bird dress

I had a quick look at the ELC   toys – probably just as well I was child-free as a big tractor took centre stage and I wouldn’t have been able to drag Baby D away! Some nice Happy Land pieces and the portable potties looked good. Thanks for a good afternoon, Mothercare!


Goalllll!: Mothercare Junior Goal review

Mothercare Junior GoalA quick garden kick about has become a bit of an after-work ritual – weather and work permitting. I love the fact we can all have a bit of a run around together, with Scrip pretending to be mummy’s team or daddy’s team, alternately. And my husband enjoys it even more (he’d be happy playing football all day, every day). So Scrip was delighted when I was able to review this garden Junior Goal from Mothercare.

It’s a good size – not too tiny for growing children but not dominating the garden – and it was easy to put together. The net was a little fiddly to attach and needed a gentler touch than my impatient husband! It would have been easier if the instructions were just for this type rather than three different goals, as that made it a little confusing. But all in all it probably took about 20 minutes to put together. So even keen footballers can wait that long to take their penalties.

Scrip even told my sisters she wanted to be a footballer when she grew up, so I think she’s enjoying using it! We’ll get a cover for it for wetter weather so it lasts a fair few football seasons, but at the moment it’s tucked away by the hedge for quick access. And as you can see, it doubles up as a useful bar for aspiring walkers.

Thank you from my whole football team, Mothercare! The Junior Goal is £29.99.

Mothercare Autumn/Winter 2015 – a colourful sneak preview

Mothercare 2015I naively imagined that maternity leave would give me a chance to breezily pop along to some of the great events I’m invited to during the working week but can’t usually go to. Of course I forgot that I’ve swapped one kind of work for another and this one is every bit as time-consuming. And how sometimes just crossing the threshold into the outside world is a challenge.

My first big central London outing was to get a sneak preview of the Mothercare Autumn/Winter 2015 range. With D carefully suited and booted in one of his (clean) Mothercare babygros, we set off for the bus. Of course there was a feed along the way – never the calmest on a cramped number 94 – but then the walk along Oxford Street was less hectic than I thought and we found the venue and wheeled inside.

With a colourful forest backdrop it was a really lovely, fresh collection and there was a good blend of the babies and children’s clothes, furniture and maternity fashion that’s on offer. I was less fresh, having been up most of the night before feeding. Sadly I couldn’t enjoy one of the cocktails but I was grateful for a coffee which I swifty carried backstage to calm a howling baby D with yet another feed. At the time he was in the middle of what I think must have been a pretty big growth spurt.

Anyway, when he did settle he enjoyed having a look around at some of the colourful sights of Autumn/Winter and tasteful clothes in one of my favourite baby stores, and so did I – here are my highlights:

  • The pastel coloured nursery furniture. Gorgeous, perfect for mixing and matching and would look great in a big or small room (good for us and our box room nursery).
  • The bright, home-spun looking linens to go with them.
  • The new baby retro superhero collection – nice to get away from the usual pirates and princesses and the Danger Mouse, Banana Man and Batman bring back so many memories!
  • The winter brights – hats, coats and scarves for every colour of the rainbow and very quality-looking. I particularly liked the mini puffas.
  • The new Little Bird range. I’d say it was the most retro yet and really charming.
  • The animals! Polar bears and penguins which make up the Icy Lux range, plus elephant Tusk range which donates 4% of sales to the Tusk charity. All very tasteful.
  • The understated grey unisex baby range. Would have been perfect for stocking up before baby D was born.

With everything in store from this month, it’s definitely worth taking a browse.

Space saving ideas for a box room nursery

Box room nurseryWe’re off to Ikea tomorrow (wish me luck) to get some new furniture for Scrip’s room to replace the changing table (also from Ikea – it’s served us well) that we don’t really use now Peppa Pig pants have replaced Pampers. Scrip’s room is a box room so every inch of space matters and it would be good to have a bit more storage for her toys that are slowly but surely starting to spread across every room.

Although it’s a small room, it’s been perfect for her and is fine while she’s still in a cot. We do try and keep it organised and I find myself sorting and packing away

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My eBaby

‘What a shame HMV is disappearing’, I said to a colleague a few days ago, echoing the thoughts of thousands across the country, I’m sure; ‘I still remember the first time I went into their Oxford Street store’. This was one lunchtime, and I was busy searching Amazon for a 1st birthday pressie for a friend’s baby. The irony. I’m as guilty as anyone for taking the default option and buying most things online nowadays. Particularly those for Scrip.

When I was pregnant, I took great pleasure in popping into Mamas and Papas, Mothercare and The Little White Company and browsing the aisles of all sorts of baby bits and pieces. Everything was so pretty (we knew we wereImage having a girl) and so miniature! And there was so much choice. But that’s when I had a bit more money and a lot more time.

Now I buy the majority of Scrip’s essentials – and some lovely extras – online. My friends and I swap tips and links for the best places to buy nappies in bulk, find robust travel cots, swimming rings and baby toys on the web. I’ve introduced a few friends to eBay and they’re busy searching for their snowsuits and selling their sterilisers to the highest bidders.

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S is for socks

We’re having building work done at the moment, which means our home is even more of a muddle than usual. Our (new) oatmeal carpets have blackish edges, there are smear marks on the walls and our belongings are strewn around each room. The wrong room; nothing is in its right place.


Which is why I found myself stepping over a number of tiny socks this morning on my way across my bedroom. Stripey ones, flowery ones, ones with printed with tiny, pink mary janes and ones with little grippy paw prints on the bottom. Which in turn got me thinking.

Now I pull a pair out of the ‘socks and tights drawer’ (as I tell my husband it’s called each time he tries to sneak a sleep suit or long-sleeved vest in) without thinking about it. But there was a time that my search for the perfect pair took me across west London.

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