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Mothercare Autumn/Winter 2015 – a colourful sneak preview

Mothercare 2015I naively imagined that maternity leave would give me a chance to breezily pop along to some of the great events I’m invited to during the working week but can’t usually go to. Of course I forgot that I’ve swapped one kind of work for another and this one is every bit as time-consuming. And how sometimes just crossing the threshold into the outside world is a challenge.

My first big central London outing was to get a sneak preview of the Mothercare Autumn/Winter 2015 range. With D carefully suited and booted in one of his (clean) Mothercare babygros, we set off for the bus. Of course there was a feed along the way – never the calmest on a cramped number 94 – but then the walk along Oxford Street was less hectic than I thought and we found the venue and wheeled inside.

With a colourful forest backdrop it was a really lovely, fresh collection and there was a good blend of the babies and children’s clothes, furniture and maternity fashion that’s on offer. I was less fresh, having been up most of the night before feeding. Sadly I couldn’t enjoy one of the cocktails but I was grateful for a coffee which I swifty carried backstage to calm a howling baby D with yet another feed. At the time he was in the middle of what I think must have been a pretty big growth spurt.

Anyway, when he did settle he enjoyed having a look around at some of the colourful sights of Autumn/Winter and tasteful clothes in one of my favourite baby stores, and so did I – here are my highlights:

  • The pastel coloured nursery furniture. Gorgeous, perfect for mixing and matching and would look great in a big or small room (good for us and our box room nursery).
  • The bright, home-spun looking linens to go with them.
  • The new baby retro superhero collection – nice to get away from the usual pirates and princesses and the Danger Mouse, Banana Man and Batman bring back so many memories!
  • The winter brights – hats, coats and scarves for every colour of the rainbow and very quality-looking. I particularly liked the mini puffas.
  • The new Little Bird range. I’d say it was the most retro yet and really charming.
  • The animals! Polar bears and penguins which make up the Icy Lux range, plus elephant Tusk range which donates 4% of sales to the Tusk charity. All very tasteful.
  • The understated grey unisex baby range. Would have been perfect for stocking up before baby D was born.

With everything in store from this month, it’s definitely worth taking a browse.

2015: welcoming a year of change

Hello 2015 beach sceneI’m not as anti-New Year’s resolutions as some people seem to be, but I rarely make a firm list (and even more rarely, stick to it). However, I do believe in fresh starts and new beginnings each new year, and this will be particularly true of 2015.

As December turns to January baby number two becomes something that’s actually going to happen this year – and even this spring. Suddenly everything seems more real. The bump is bigger, the clothes need to be stretchier and unfortunately, my SPD is back with a vengeance.

People I work with are starting to ask if I’m on a countdown now. Not yet – I’ve still got around two months to go there (I think) so it’s business as usual. Same with Scrip. Even though she’s shortly going to become a big sister and her nannyshare buddy’s family is gearing up to move out of London, it won’t be until at least May, so I’d like to keep things normal for her for as long as possible.

We’re also going to put her name down for nursery soon, so she can go when she’s three, even if it’s just for one day a week. There’s one just across the road which is quite new, is Montessori and seems good. I went one afternoon to see the classes in full swing (pretty different to a more clinical nursery open day) and I got a great feeling from it. Scrip’s understanding more and more each day and she knows that she’ll be going there at some stage, and she seems to be looking forward to it.

So everything’s on the verge of changing, but not just yet. And although some of the changes will be pretty dramatic, I’m hoping to keep the ride as smooth as possible.

I hope your 2015s have started well. What changes are you expecting this year?