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11 reasons #pbloggers are pretty awesome

pbloggersOk, so I may be writing this after a large glass of red and a full night’s sleep (please let it happen again!!) but it’s good to indulge in a little positive navel gazing every now and again. And this isn’t really about me but about the vast community that are #pbloggers. This is why I’m proud to be a part of it:

  1. With pbloggers it’s all about collaboration not competition – generally people are seen as peers and not rivals. People will often happily share good opportunities.
  2. Many are ace online and know every social media tool and trick out there (and a lot know coding, too).
  3. They’re pretty good at design as well – there’s such a range of beautiful blogs out there.
  4. Who else can you turn to about a niggling issue with your baby or child and be sure of getting a quick, helpful answer (or a bit of support)?
  5. Their blogs make the most entertaining reading – they can be funny, heart-wrenching, angry or uplifting.
  6. And without formal training they know how to weave a great story or listicle out of any review or product.
  7. Who else is up and chatting at 3am when my eyes are drooping and my husband is gently snoring? There’s even a #3amclub hashtag.
  8. pbloggers are always helpful to newbie bloggers, sharing their vast blogging knowledge.
  9. Some have also taken their experience to new heights by talking eloquently to vast audiences.
  10. And most aren’t afraid to share warts and all the highs and lows of parenting, even if their Instagram feed sometimes makes life look more Hatley than Horrid Henry.
  11. I’m constantly entertained and most importantly inspired by them.