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Let’s talk pelvic floors: vSculpt pelvic floor toner review

vSculpt ReviewSince having children, I’ve talked to total strangers about things I would only have shared with my closest friends before. It seems to become the norm.

With a six-week old Scrip in a sling I vividly remember sitting in my local park chatting to mums I’d met just an hour or so before swapping blow-by-blow details of our birth experiences over double shot lattes. I had a complete stranger come around to my house and squeeze my nipples within minutes of meeting me before I was diagnosed with thrush in my milk ducts (the pain was awful – she was a breastfeeding specialist), and I must hold the record for the most stretch and sweeps by the widest range of medical staff when I was overdue with D.

But I don’t remember going into detail about pelvic floor problems with anyone. Somehow, that’s been a bridge too far. And this despite the fact that I had weeks of women’s physio after both births including a range of exercises to perform afterwards which included using the interestingly named (and NHS approved) ‘Educator’ device.

I think it’s almost an accepted part of having children that you will lose muscle tone and you will experience problems afterwards. ‘Leave the trampolining to the little ones’, you’re told with a wink, certainly jogging and even sneezing can be a problem. There’s one thing I never read in Emma’s Diary.

And pelvic floor exercises – although we all know how important they are – can be tricky (do you know you’re really doing them properly every time?). They feel demoralising when nothing seems to change and are difficult to keep up regularly.

Even so, I was sceptical about trying out a so-called wonder pelvic floor toner (promising 90% less leakage, 95% more tightness) that worked with red and infrared light rays and demanded pretty much no effort from the user. Its ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ message sounded a bit too much like a classified ad claim.

But, after a lot of reading, a few questions and much research, the vSculpt seemed safe, very impressive and medically sound. So I gave it a go.

When it arrived and I unwrapped the beautiful white box to reveal the device, there was a certain amount of sharing photos and aubergine emojis to a sea of giggles and smutty comments. The vSculpt certainly doesn’t look like the chaste kegel balls you see advertised. It’s a lot more ‘adult’ and a lot less clinical in looks than my old friend the Educator.

But, it’s designed for a purpose. You use the special gel provided, insert it, start the lights and lie back and think of England. Or, read a gardening magazine as I did! There is a light vibration with various settings which is meant to help with the toning, but even so, the whole experience certainly felt more medical than erotic.

You use the toner every other day for a week on the first setting which takes 8 minutes, then the next one the next week, which adds a minute, and the one after, after that. The most difficult thing for me was remembering to do it every other day and not missing one out, which I did on occasion.

And the results? Amazingly, it has made a difference. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in toning in everyday life. I haven’t braved the trampoline just yet, but I can see what the hype is about.

At £400, it’s an investment buy, but one that I could certainly understand women like me making.

Thank you vSculpt for sending me the product to trial. You can buy vSculpt from their website.