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Natural baby skincare: the Mustela range

Mustela productsI’m getting myself into the baby zone again. It’s a very different zone to the toddler one – or even the one year old one. Baby time is counted in weeks – not months, not years – and everything changes so quickly. I do worry if I’ll remember things, if it will all come flooding back (during a sleep-deprived 3am feed?) or if I’ll find myself Googling things frantically (probably during the subsequent feed at 4.30am).

So, having passed the half way stage and moving into my six month, I’m starting to remind myself, gently. An invite from Mustela to experience their baby skincare range couldn’t have come at a better time. Especially not as it included a session on baby massage with a specialist Continue reading

Half way through: a second pregnancy

Half way through pregnancyHalf way there – in fact, just over half way. The bump is discernible, the aches and pains are back but my taste for coffee still isn’t. Even though I can see and feel all of that – not to mention tiny kicks and punches even as I type – I still can’t quite believe it’s real. We’re going to be a family of four and one of those is going to be a tiny baby. Wow.

In some ways things are very familiar, and in some ways there are surprises. This is what I’ve found so far, second time around: Continue reading

Hiding the bump: clothes that disguise your growing tummy

Telling my boss was a nerve wracking moment and I breathed a sigh of relief when my pregnancy was out in the open at work (a few people seemed to have noticed the decaf tea and the constant nibbling so it probably wasn’t the big surprise I thought it might be). But the majority of my clients still don’t know, so until they do I’m having to be pretty choosy with what I wear from Tuesday to Friday.

I’m 16 weeks with a growing bump: nothing massive but noticeable, particularly at the end of a day filled with nibbling (see above: it’s still going on). So if you’re in a similar situation, here’s what I’ve found works for me: Continue reading

A few of my (least) favourite things

It’s easy to forget the not-so-nice sides of being pregnant and although I wouldn’t change anything, this time around all the feelings seems to be a lot more intense. My extra sensitive nose seems to have been contributing heavily to my morning sickness. I think it’s subsiding – I keep reading my pregnancy apps about reaching the second trimester. But until it does fully I’m doing my best to avoid my key triggers. Here are a few of them: Continue reading

More New Mumblings: a second baby

Hand on baby bumpIt turns out wanting a second baby is just as intense a feeling as wanting a first. Then there’s the added considerations of being older, growing age gaps and parental worry. So I’m delighted to be at 12 weeks with three scan pictures and lots of mental images of a back flipping, finger sucking tiny new being on the screen.

It also turns out that it’s harder than you’d think to surprise a 2.5 year old. When we told Scrip this week she took it all in her stride – she seemed to know exactly where the baby was and understood that it was her little brother or sister. She took a look at the scan pictures, pointed out the baby’s head and then turned away to carry on playing with her Lego.

Still, it’s a good start and I know there’s a long way to go and a lot more to talk about with her. Although it feels like the first trimester has dragged on I keep being told how much more quickly the second and third go, so that’s something to bear in mind.

The final initial revelation is that it seems not all pregnancies are made equal. At least for the first few months – I’ve felt more sick, more hungry, craved carbs more and had more food aversions this time around. I know you can’t read anything into it gender-wise but it is strange – feeling the same but different. I’ve also dug out my maternity jeans already – probably a combination of those carbs and that hunger so hopefully both will subside pretty soon.

Reading allowed – reading to our baby

When I was pregnant, in a rush of enthusiasm, I bought a book of beautifully illustrated fairy tales. Encouraged by my weekly baby updates from various sources (‘your baby can now hear sounds’, ‘your baby can now recognise your voice’), my husband and I read to the developing Scrip. A story a night for a while. And we were rewarded with the occasional kick or turn.

Having always been an avid reader myself with fond memories of bedtime stories, I was looking forward to following this by reading aloud to my new baby. In my idealised world, we’d be curled up on the sofa together, me narrating complete with funny voices, her delighted and her attention rapt.

Unfortunately, as with so many things, the reality hasn’t actually turned out that way. In the first few months I found nursery rhymes and songs were much more popular with the fledgling Scrip. Then, when she was ready to sit rather than slump in my lap, I tried again. But she was much more interested in grabbing the book than letting me read it. Each time I gently prised it from her paws and tried to carry on, unsuccessfully. This progressed to picking it up and chewing it. I tried cloth books, plastic books and board books. It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to play, I just wanted to introduce her to the joys of reading too.

A story didn’t sit naturally with our bedtime routine, either. I started worrying – what if she didn’t take to reading? What if she was more interested in moving around than sitting quietly and concentrating? It wasn’t an age thing – friends’ babies seemed to enjoy being read to so much more (‘books are Alfie’s favourite toys’)…
Continue reading