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A visit to The American Museum in Britain

American MuseumThe draw of the museum worksheet seems to be strong with Scrip at the moment, luckily. The American Museum in Claverton, just outside of Bath, went one better with a backpack full of activities handed over when we arrived. There are three age-related options – hers was suitable for 4+ years and she loved the little grizzly bear glove puppet who popped out when she unzipped the bag and helped us along the way.

The museum is set in an old manor house – Claverton Manor – in stunning grounds with views around the countryside and down to the River Avon. There’s plenty of parking and a good cafe on the site, plus a gift shop that sells more than just bright, unrelated plastic toys (although I’m sure there were a few of those as well). The museum charts American culture and history from early settlers to present-day with pictures, videos, hands-on displays and period rooms recreated.

The trail booklet inside the backpack guided us around the displays and there was something to do in many of the rooms along the way – ranging from a magnifying sheet to spot something close up, to a little wooden town to build, to a puzzle inspired by one of the beautiful collection of American quilts. She seemed to really enjoy it.

The trail was just the right length and left enough time and energy to have a quick look at the American Toy Story display (on until October 2016). She recognised some of the toys but the best bit was trying on toy costumes and drawing your favourite to add to the wall. Freed from his carrier Baby D seemed to enjoy crawling around here as well.

It’s a shame we hadn’t left any time for exploring the gardens as it’s in a beautiful location and I would have loved to look around. There was also a concert in the afternoon. But unfortunately nap time for D was calling and I think we may just have tired out Scrip as well.

As with anything I visit with small children I vowed to come back alone and actually read the captions of the displays as it was really interesting and a lot of it, moving. And with such a beautiful museum in a breathtaking location I think I may just make it.

More on the American Museum website.

American MuseumAmerican MuseumAmerican Museum


We’ve also visited the London Transport Museum, braved central London with a toddler and here’s my London (children’s activities) Bucket List.

Natural baby skincare: the Mustela range

Mustela productsI’m getting myself into the baby zone again. It’s a very different zone to the toddler one – or even the one year old one. Baby time is counted in weeks – not months, not years – and everything changes so quickly. I do worry if I’ll remember things, if it will all come flooding back (during a sleep-deprived 3am feed?) or if I’ll find myself Googling things frantically (probably during the subsequent feed at 4.30am).

So, having passed the half way stage and moving into my six month, I’m starting to remind myself, gently. An invite from Mustela to experience their baby skincare range couldn’t have come at a better time. Especially not as it included a session on baby massage with a specialist Continue reading

Christmas present inspiration: the BRIO Roller Coaster Set

BRIO Roller Coaster SetThere’s something so exciting about large, squarish packages coming through the post. Forget Scrip, I was like a small child at Christmas when I unwrapped this one. Unfortunately, she was peering over my shoulder at the time so any thoughts of giving this to her as a surprise went out the window. ‘Is it for me?’ were the words that came tumbling out of her mouth.

And yes it was (as long as I can have a go too). The BRIO Roller Coaster Set, from Marbel Toys, looks exciting from the box and the fact it’s tall, twisty and little wagons go whizzing down it means it delivers on the excitement as well. Continue reading

Tea and cake at Trevoole Farm

Trevoole Farm CollageAlthough we arrived after 3pm when most of the homemade cakes were gone, leaving just crumbs and tantalising descriptions (like dark chocolate and Guinness), we still had a lovely time at Trevoole Farm at Praze-An-Beeble, just outside Camborne.

A couple of people had mentioned Trevoole to me, saying what a magical Continue reading

Tips for turning your blog into a business – a Vonage Workshop

Blogging in a coffee shopEvery now and again I go to events which give me real food for thought and also practical advice. Last week’s was a ‘Blog to Business’ sponsored by Vonage – the business phone company which gives one man bands or small businesses a dedicated business line over the internet, via their home phone. Vonage offers plenty of clever and helpful tools (more

Continue reading

Little Yeos new Fromage Frais: for growing hands

Little Yeos fromage fraisYoghurt is up there with ice cream on Scrip’s favourite dessert list and when we were sent some Yeo Valley organic Fromage Frais from their new range to try, they didn’t stay in the fridge for long.

The first thing that struck me was the size – they’re really sweet and squat little tubs which are described as ‘perfect for growing hands’. I think they’d be particularly great for weaning and are very portable.

They also look lovely – colourful but tasteful designs reflecting the organic range. I’ve loved Yeo Valley since those brilliant farmers rapping ads and I like the fact it’s a family-run organic company based in Somerset. I can’t say everything Scrip eats is organic but we do have an organic veg and fruit box every week from Abel & Cole (particularly good for me as a veggie) and we always try and buy organic dairy and meat.

Flavour-wise, I can’t say Scrip had a particular favourite as she happily wolfed them all down, but Pear & Apple sounded quite interesting to me as did Mango & Vanilla and Strawberry & Peach. And that particular range was sweetened only with organic grape juice, which was a nice touch. All the ranges contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

They definitely had the (sticky) thumbs up from Scrip and me.

Little Yeos Fromage FraisThe full range

Merry Berries 6 pack (Fromage Frais)

  • 3 x Strawberry and 3 x Raspberry
  • 6 x 45g
  • £1.79

Mellow Yellows 6 pack (Fromage Frais)

  • 3 x Peach and 3 x Apricot
  • 6 x 45g
  • £1.79

No Added Refined Sugar 6 packs – sweetened using only organic grape juice concentrate

  • 3 x Strawberry & Vanilla, 3 x Mango & Vanilla or 3 x Strawberry & Peach, 3 x Apple & Pear
  • 6 x 45g
  • £1.79

Little Yeos Fruity Favourites (Yogurts)

  • 1 x Strawberry, Peach, Apricot and Raspberry flavours
  • 4 x 90g
  • £1.79

Little Yeos Tubes (Fromage Frais)

  • 3 x Strawberry, 3 x Raspberry, 3 x Apricot
  • 9 x 40g
  • £1.79

The website: yeovalley.co.uk.

Exploring Maynards new Discovery Patch

Maynards Discovery Patch packetScrip had jelly for the first time last weekend at a party and was the only 2 year old who enjoyed it, so I was pretty sure she’d be just as keen to try some jelly sweets. She hasn’t really had sweets with us and she’s only occasionally tried chocolate, so when she saw the colourful packet on the table she assumed they were

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