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Letting sleeping toddlers lie

As I type, little Scrip has already been asleep for six hours, and it’s only 9.45pm. She’s suffering from a virus – with a nasty viral rash – along with two canines working their way up through her gums. Not a happy combination.

ScripIt was pretty scary earlier today when I received a text about a sudden rash she had, that didn’t seem to be disappearing under a tumbler. I now know that there are different kinds of tumbler tests – not just pressing the glass down but also rolling it over the rash. The first can be used for heat rashes, the second, for most viral rashes, unless it’s something more serious. Luckily, the rash disappeared with the second.

My doctor was really helpful – even though I called her at lunchtime when the surgery was closed – and she made an emergency appointment straight away. She checked Scrip out thoroughly and prescribed our old friends Calpol and Baby Nurofen, which can be used four hours apart but alternately (so a dose of Calpol then a dose of Baby Nurofen two hours later, then Calpol two hours after that and so on) if necessary. We’re also going to keep an eye on the rash and check if it becomes itchy or changes in any way.

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Feeling fluey

I’ve got flu. I’m in bed for the third day in a row – all I have managed is to take some tentative steps into the sitting room today and help change a nappy. But then I retired (slowly) to bed.

It’s times like this that I’m so grateful my husband is so hands-on – which sounds like such a dated phrase nowadays, but by which I mean he prioritises Scrip over his other activities and feels confident enough to take sole charge at short notice. From what I hear, not every newish dad is like that.

I’m gradually feeling better, day by day. But it’s frustrating to feel weak and helpless. I haven’t felt this fluey since I was at school. I know I’ve probably been overdoing it; particularly working outside work hours. And that weakens immunity – so it will be a lesson.

Until then I will get well and focus on not letting Scrip or my husband get ill.