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New Wafer Wisps from Heavenly – organic snacks for babies and children


 Pushchairs, car seats, nappies, bottles – it feels like everything has moved on in the three years since Scrip was born. We’re a way off thinking about baby food for little D yet but I’ve no doubt there will be a whole lot of new options alongside what were Scrip’s firm favourites.

When I was weaning Scrip I started off playing it very safe with baby rice and mashed banana at five and half months. Then an NCT friend handed my little one a rice cake one grizzly lunch time and everything changed. She gobbled it up (or gummed it up), and from then on we moved on to baby crisps, crackers, toast, sandwiches, baby biscuits and lots more rice cakes. She loved finger food and mastered the art of holding and eating it pretty quickly.

So when Heavenly offered their new Wafer Wisps for a trial, I was keen to say yes and start exploring what baby food was now out there. The Heavenly range is made up of healthy snacks for babies and children. Currently well known in Northen Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, it was founded by Shauna McCarney-Blair who wanted to give her child healthy, organic food that was suitable for allergy sufferers.

The Wafer Wisps have just launched in the UK via Ocado and come in two flavours – “Pumpkin & Banana”, and “Spinach, Apple & Kale”. Suitable for 6 months+, they are designed to be super healthy – made from organic fruit and veg, blended together with ancient grains like buckwheat.

We all tried them – even me (a hungry breastfeeding mum!) Scrip liked them, although she is used to crackers with something now so we topped with some Philadelphia. My friend’s eight month old enjoyed them and my friend was pleased they were relatively mess free and dissolved in the mouth, with no sticky leftovers. And although I found the mixture of savoury and sweet a bit unusual, they tasted natural to me and not at all artificial.

So there’s a Heavenly thumbs up all round and one to remember when I’m weaning this very hungry baby in a few months.

Wafer Wisps are £2.19 per box 

To find out more visit the Heavenly site


Sunday snacking: new Sensations Popcorn

Sensations Popcorn collageSomeone at Walkers is thinking about my waistline – which is nice to know! I reviewed Walkers Sunbites earlier this year (they were very nice) and this week I was sent some new Walkers Sensations Popcorn to try. Being a mad time at work with a few late nights thrown in (lucky me) the packs came in handy at home and in our office, with all my colleagues enjoying the Sweet Cinnamon & Salt flavour. Scrip also had her beady eye Continue reading

Healthier packs of snacks: Walker’s Sunbites

Walker's SunbitesAlong with big chocolate bars and Nutella, crisps are something I’d love to have as a cupboard staple but don’t trust myself to keep lying around the house. They’re still a treat – for sharing with friends or for a Friday night in on the sofa (how weekends have changed).

When I was offered some Walker’s to trial, I leapt at the chance (well, anything for the blog…). And these weren’t just any crisp – these were Sunbites, with 30% less fat and made from ‘crunchy multigrain: whole corn, whole wheat and whole oat flour’. There are no added nasties and 30% of your recommended daily wholegrain (whatever that may be). So almost a healthy choice, then?

As they said on the info, a lot of ‘healthier’ crisps aren’t worthy of the name – they’re either cardboardy or full of air. Many a lunchtime I’ve tried to convince myself that Boots Shapers salt n’ vinegar chipsticks are just like the originals, but they’re really not – they’re a pale imitation and you only get about three in a pack.

The Sunbites, however, were crunchy and satisfying. A normal sized bag filled with crimped snacks that reminded me a bit of wheat crunchies in texture. Of the six flavours (Sun-Ripened Sweet Chili, Sour Cream and Cracked Black Pepper, Oven Roasted Onion & Rosemary, Cheddar and Caramelised Onion, and Lightly Sea Salted) my favourite was the Sea Salted, followed by the Oven Roasted Onion & Rosemary. My husband (who showed a sudden interest in my blog and was a particularly willing taster) liked the Sun-Ripened Sweet Chili. But I personally think chili and sour cream are two flavours that only full-fat versions can do justice do.

Good that they offered an imaginative range, though, and I can honestly say the packs didn’t last very long. Luckily I managed to get a picture of them all together before they went. Scrip loved all of them as well – although I try to make crisps an occasional treat for her and I could imagine these more as a lunchbox snack for school-aged children.

Sunbites are sold in a pack of six or small bags separately – I’d also like to see them as large bags in the way Sensations are sold. That way, our weekend snacking would still be tasty but wouldn’t have to be quite so indulgent.

What: Walker’s Sunbites – wholegrain snacks with 30% less fat than crisps
Where: all supermarkets and convenience stores
How much: A six-pack multipack of 25g Sunbites is RRP £1.79 or a single serve 28g pack is RRP £0.50.