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Spring is here (finally)

Persil Spring BlossomPinch punch, first of the month, and the first day of spring. I left work at 5.45pm last Thursday and it was still light! Well, maybe not light but not fully dark. I almost sent my colleagues a picture, but then I realised they were still inside and I was outside so probably not a tactful move.

But for me, the evenings getting lighter is one of the signs that spring is here – finally! As are the daffodils Scrip’s Aunty Pocket (don’t ask) brought with her when she came for dinner. It’s also Scrip’s birthday tomorrow and I’m turning the heating down, so what more convincing do I need?

Currently brightening up my worktop is a limited edition Spring Blossom Washing Up Liquid from Persil. OK it won’t scent the air as naturally as my daffys (perfect for St David’s Day) do but it does smell surprisingly fresh and slightly fruity, almost like handwash (apparently down to notes of freesia, white rose, vanilla and dry fruit) and I love the bright pink colour.

Being Persil, it cleans really well and it’s just £1 a bottle. Bring on the spring.

I was sent a limited edition bottle of Spring Blossom Persil Washing Up Liquid, £1 for 500ml and available from Tesco from March 2015.

Guest post: The best of Debenhams S/S 2015 for children

Debenhams SS 2015A guest post from my lovely sister (one of them) and Scrip’s Aunty – who was lucky enough to preview the Debenhams Spring/Summer 2015 clothing collection. Some children’s pieces particularly caught her eye and here are her highlights (sorry, she couldn’t get the prices from Debenhams at this stage):

So I know we’ve still got the tinsel up… But cast your mind forward to late May, June, July next year.

That’s what I was doing at the Debenhams Spring/Summer 2015 press show, and I like what I saw!

Whizzing past furniture (impressive), interiors (beautiful), the lingerie wall (I want one!), it was kidswear that grabbed my attention, and here are the key pieces I can see Scrip rocking next summer.

1. Lilac dress
If this was in my size I’d buy it. Ideal for parties, weddings, scooting through puddles…

2. Playsuit
Over a swimming costume on the beach, sightseeing with a cardi, this is one super-cool piece. Not sure if playsuits are welcomed by mums, but as an aunty I don’t need to worry about that!

3. Denim skirt
A denim skirt goes with just about anything, and I predict this will be Scrip’s go-to skirt next summer, teamed with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Will work with tights too for autumn/winter 2015 (actually, let’s not go there…)

4. Striped dress
This is a no-mess dress, best accessorised with a pair of blue sunnies and possibly an ice cream

5. Cover-up
How sweet will this floaty top look over a vest and jeans or leggings?

6. Cushion
Okay – so not an item of clothing… but just look at him! Even dog-wary Scrip couldn’t fail to give this pooch a safe home on the sofa.

7. Yellow dress
And finally, I haven’t forgotten you sis! If you’re planning to hit the beach for a well-earned rest after baby number two, this yellow beauty will look super over a bikini, accessorised with a changing bag!

Five simple toddler activities for when the sun’s shining

Toddler eating ice creamI don’t know anyone who isn’t lifted by the emergence of the spring sunshine. Even in the most difficult, sleep-deprived early days with a baby Scrip I was so glad I’d made the effort to gather together my changing bag essentials (all 50 of them) and head out to feel the sun on my face, even for a short walk around my local streets.

Getting out is essential; getting out in the sunshine is even more rewarding. So here are five ways to celebrate the spring sunshine with your toddler in tow (and no swings in sight):

Playing Pooh Sticks
I was in Barnes this morning with a good friend and her little girl and they were fascinated by a family nearby playing pooh sticks. Rushing from one side of the bridge to the other to spot the sticks first and whose was in front, was high entertainment.

toddler playing pooh sticksMaking a daisy chain
Even if the execution is a little too much for Scrip’s toddler paws she enjoys pottering around collecting the daisies and I enjoy a little sit down in the sun making the chain. She’s very into jewellery at the moment so is particularly intrigued by a necklace or even bracelet of flowers, and it takes me back to long lunchtimes sitting in groups in my primary school field.

Eating an ice cream
A good way to pause in the sunshine rather than racing around – there are some fab, tactile toddler ice creams like the Smooze Scrip had last weekend – a better choice than the large, unweildy ones that too often spoil appetites. Just make sure you have lots of baby wipes around as these ones seem to be stickier than ever.

Toddler picnicHaving a picnic
If you want to go one further, there’s nothing like a picnic. I bought a new rug with a waterproof backing from Sports Direct last summer which is cheap and cheerful.  The food doesn’t have to be complicated – just some bits and pieces laid out on a rug – like cherry or chopped up tomatoes, chopped apple, sweetcorn, bread and butter or mini pittas and grated cheese. It’s a much more fun and sociable way to eat.

Making (and chasing) massive bubbles
Those bubble wands you can pick up in toy shops are such a simple way to entertain little ones outside. If you start off it’s not long before they want to have a go themselves – and I find it easier them running around with one rather than them struggling to blow using the little pots. The bubbles look so pretty glinting in the sun and there will be plenty of smiles, so a good opportunity to get some pics when everyone’s grinning.