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Guest post: The best of Debenhams S/S 2015 for children

Debenhams SS 2015A guest post from my lovely sister (one of them) and Scrip’s Aunty – who was lucky enough to preview the Debenhams Spring/Summer 2015 clothing collection. Some children’s pieces particularly caught her eye and here are her highlights (sorry, she couldn’t get the prices from Debenhams at this stage):

So I know we’ve still got the tinsel up… But cast your mind forward to late May, June, July next year.

That’s what I was doing at the Debenhams Spring/Summer 2015 press show, and I like what I saw!

Whizzing past furniture (impressive), interiors (beautiful), the lingerie wall (I want one!), it was kidswear that grabbed my attention, and here are the key pieces I can see Scrip rocking next summer.

1. Lilac dress
If this was in my size I’d buy it. Ideal for parties, weddings, scooting through puddles…

2. Playsuit
Over a swimming costume on the beach, sightseeing with a cardi, this is one super-cool piece. Not sure if playsuits are welcomed by mums, but as an aunty I don’t need to worry about that!

3. Denim skirt
A denim skirt goes with just about anything, and I predict this will be Scrip’s go-to skirt next summer, teamed with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Will work with tights too for autumn/winter 2015 (actually, let’s not go there…)

4. Striped dress
This is a no-mess dress, best accessorised with a pair of blue sunnies and possibly an ice cream

5. Cover-up
How sweet will this floaty top look over a vest and jeans or leggings?

6. Cushion
Okay – so not an item of clothing… but just look at him! Even dog-wary Scrip couldn’t fail to give this pooch a safe home on the sofa.

7. Yellow dress
And finally, I haven’t forgotten you sis! If you’re planning to hit the beach for a well-earned rest after baby number two, this yellow beauty will look super over a bikini, accessorised with a changing bag!