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Making brushing fun: Playbrush review

Playbrush toothbrush reviewDoes anyone else struggle with the two minute rule, twice a day, for their children’s teeth clean? I’m not even sure the adults in our household follow that one religiously… But with tiny teeth, some adult ones in the mix and some having been whisked away by the tooth fairy, cleaning two mouths well for the right amount of time isn’t easy.

I remember I struggled when Scrip was two, but she got better and then D came along and we repeated the pattern. Now they sometimes want to do their own (but more often than not don’t), and even when they do I’m not sure they’re doing it right. I remember my dentist saying that until they can tie their own shoelaces they can’t properly brush their own teeth.

So, Playbrush has been a bit of a revelation. I first saw it popping up on Instagram stories across the country a few months ago and I was really keen to try it out when we were offered. We only ended up receiving one not two, but for a while that created a good healthy competition!

If you haven’t seen Playbrush, it’s a clever electric toothbrush for children that links with an app and helps your child brush correctly themselves. It can track which teeth are being brushed, if they’re pressing too hard, how long and gives scores at the end. There are games, puzzles and colouring and trial runs. There are a certain amount of free ones and more you can subscribe to.

Three year old D likes the Coach setting, where you see a cartoon mouth in front of you and you’re shown exactly where you need to brush to zap the animated germs. It makes it really straightforward (and fun) for him. While six year old Scrip enjoys the games, particularly the colouring one.

Overall, it feels a bit more relevant for Scrip and she’s been the keenest to keep it going and beat her scores. D finds it harder to work out the perspective and where to brush, and can’t understand the ‘brushing too hard warnings’, but his sister is only too happy to help/tell him off!

Thanks, Playbrush, for sending us one to try and helping turn a daily chore into something fun.

The Playbrush Smart Sonic costs £29.99 from Playbrush and includes 1 Playbrush Smart Sonic, 1 brush head, 1 charging dock and 4 free games. Additional games and brush heads are available through subscription from £3.99.

Cornwall: Callestick, Cyder and Children’s Choppers

At the risk of sounding very English, we’ve been so lucky with the weather this week – we’ve been enjoying a week of sand, sea and child-size pasties in my native Cornwall. I can’t remember it being this hot consistently for a week – it’s so much warmer than our week in Limoges was, back in June.

Cornwall beach

Scrip’s done a lot of running around, too – we’ve hardly had the pushchair out. We’re fortunate enough to be able to stay with my parents with lots of things to see and do – like feeding the chickens, putting pebbles in the paddling pool (she’s not that keen on putting herself in it just yet) and destroying the sand castles we enthusiastically and carefully make for her. We’ve been to the beach, which is just 5 minutes down the road, each day – going after her dinner which has been perfect timing for low tide, the temperature and to tire her out before bedtime, which has crept back to 8pm this week…

I’m keen that Scrip gets used to the sea – so we’ve had lots of encouragement and shallow paddling. It’s helped that there are quite a few little ones running in and out of the water for her to copy. She’s christened the wetsuit she had for Christmas from her Cornwall grandparents – it’s been great. It’s easier to put on than the wetsuits I remember struggling in and out of when I was little, and there’s room to grow, so that it should still be useful next year. It’s a baby shortie from Two Bare Feet. It’s also helped that there’s been very little surf each day – so even though we’re on the north coast we haven’t had to worry about waves crashing around her.

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