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At one with walking

All bets are off – at least they were when Scrip reached the ripe old age of one and hadn’t taken her first steps. Well, that’s not quite true – she’d maybe taken one or two wobbly steps towards me or the sofa but I couldn’t really say she was walking. Which was a surprise because we all thought she’d walk by 12 months.

She’s always been a baby who wanted to be on her feet. From around four months, as soon as you’d pick her up, instead of cuddling in she’d push down with her little toes. And she was also very keen on being bounced on them – I have her to thank for my toned upper arms, which were taking shape long before I lost all my baby weight.

IMG_4907 (1)

She’s also been standing and holding on for a good few months, and we’ve got videos of her at Christmas walking with support, chasing and kicking a little ball around (very sweet!) More recently she’s perfected one-handed walking and even a gentle trot along. So we all thought that before the start of March she’d have let go all together. Her birthday came and went in a fantastic whirl – we had such a great time, (only partly due to the vintage champagne we cracked open with abandon).

Then, in the week after her birthday, she’s taken three then four steps towards a table, and then tonight, I put her down for a second, and she walked off towards the wall. I was astonished! Despite the fact I’ve been encouraging her for the last few weeks, I don’t think I quite realised that she was capable of moving those little legs whilst balancing independently.

It was a lovely sight and I can’t wait for her to wake up tomorrow and have another go. And to share it with my husband, who unfortunately wasn’t there to see it. But luckily, like so many things with babies, rather than being a single event to see or miss, it’s a progression. So we can help her perfect her toddling technique together.