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Murad: travelling light but beautifully

Murad Discovery KitsSo, Cannes was an experience. Not wholly a bad one (the 30 degree temperatures wear you down after a while) but leaving Scrip and my husband for a week was very tough. I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited to leave a beautiful, sunny country behind me and head home. And the first cuddles at Heathrow were lovely.

I’m pleased to say the weather here hasn’t disappointed and we’ve had a lovely few days as a backdrop to my welcome home. That also means that I’ve kept my suncream with me, rolled out all the sundresses and also Continue reading

Braving central London: three toddler tips

Hamley's shelvesIt was the trip I kept putting off when Scrip was little – the buses, the tube, the noise, the busy pavements – it all seemed a bit overwhelming. I did brave it a few times but I haven’t done in the last few months since she’s reached toddlerdom.

But a bit of colleague cajoling meant that I made the journey into Regent Continue reading