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Five inventions the world is definitely missing

InventionsIt’s 8.14pm. I’m lying on the bed gently overheating in my new furry slippers, laptop optimistically open and my work emails up but I’m actually starting to daydream because I’m tired. A day in London does that now – packing in five meetings, a snatched lunch and a rush to and from the station. But I enjoy it, punctuating my month with a slice of the capital.

Now late September, school is officially underway and half term discos, books at bedtime and Trick or Treating are already hovering on the horizon. I’m not quite sure where the last few weeks have gone but they’ve hopped, skipped and jumped past me, leaving behind only vague memories of Facebooked school uniform photos and the name tag ironing frenzy.

My work emails are still open (it’s 8.22pm now) and instead of following up with my meeting notes I’m thinking about inventions that would help improve my life. Here are a few that spring to mind:

  • Non-colour-mixing playdoh – no more inevitable green, sludgy mess – playdoh yellow is always bright and fresh and the special edition pink sparkle version stays forever pink and sparkly
  • A wearable hair dryer – so I can wander around upstairs hands-free in the morning supervising the children as they hide and refuse to get dressed
  • The school uniform folder-upper and hanger-upper (because Scrip clearly doesn’t understand the concept) which doubles as a clean clothes sorter and distributor (there’s a theme here)
  • Never-ending cereal – to avoid the endless squabbles over the last three Shreddies
  • The shoe auto-organiser (why is there always one child’s shoe missing?)

It’s 8.32pm and I think my curfew might be 9pm tonight. I’ll be dreaming of hairdryers, cereal and playdoh.



Gold standard – helping stains to Vanish

Vanish Gold Review

Apart from raising incredible children you’d do anything for, how much does parenthood actually look like you imagined it would? Cosy bedtime stories all snuggled up in PJs and slippers or re-reading the same book for the 500th time followed by an argument over brushing teeth? Fun, healthy meals as a family around the table or a cacophony of fussing over hidden veg and why pudding can’t be served as a first course? Drawers full of crisp Mini Boden clothes or another machine load full of tomato ketchup and blackcurrant stains?

With a weaning 20 week old and an enthusiastic 3 year old, washing is a daily activity and stubborn clothes stains are the hallmark of each load. I already used Vanish stain remover after my mum recommended it (surely we were all very clean, unmessy children?..) but when I was offered Gold to trial I was keen to give it a go. Anything to shift the stains and make the loads go quicker.

Promising their best ever stain removal, I tried the Gold Gel, Capsules, Pre-Treat Spray and Power Gel (not all at once). The quickest to use are the capsules, which you just pop in each wash, and they seemed to cope pretty well with everyday stains. But I found the Pre-Treat Power Gel the most failsafe, working in just 30 seconds once you’ve sprayed onto an area and getting all new stains out first time. I did find that older stains were more difficult to shift using any of the products.

So, I’ve now found something else to go on my growing online shopping list. Even with the new name, Vanish Gold may not be the sexiest product out there but it’s certainly coming in pretty handy at the moment.

Thank you Vanish. I tried Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel, Vanish Power Shot Gel Capsules, Vanish Oxi Action Pre-treat Spray and Vanish Gold Pre-Treat Power Gel.

More info and a good stain solver on the Vanish site.