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10% off great Easter activities in London with KIDsorted

imageEaster holidays all planned out or still looking for activities for your children? The founders of KIDsorted – who help parents discover and book children’s activities online – have been in touch with me and are offering 10% off their Easter holiday clubs in West London. All you have to do is use the code newmumblings when booking.

They’ve worked to create a good selection of classes relevant by age group – I love the sound of the Hartbeeps party in Chiswick for little ones and the Sharky & George adventure days at the Natural History Museum for school agers.

KIDsorted was started by Julia and Anshu, two mothers in West London who joined forces to create the site after being disappointed by the lack of resources for parents to find and book activities for their children online. With KIDsorted, parents can search for classes and activities by day, age and postcode, meaning they can find ones that fit their schedules and are well located.

Their research has shown that one of the biggest pain points for parents is finding holiday workshops to cover school holidays and >20% parents would like to do more if they were able to find out about the options available.

Here’s what’s on offer for Easter and throughout the year at KIDsorted. And here’s to a lovely, sunny Easter break (with lots of chocolate) 🙂



S is for socks

We’re having building work done at the moment, which means our home is even more of a muddle than usual. Our (new) oatmeal carpets have blackish edges, there are smear marks on the walls and our belongings are strewn around each room. The wrong room; nothing is in its right place.


Which is why I found myself stepping over a number of tiny socks this morning on my way across my bedroom. Stripey ones, flowery ones, ones with printed with tiny, pink mary janes and ones with little grippy paw prints on the bottom. Which in turn got me thinking.

Now I pull a pair out of the ‘socks and tights drawer’ (as I tell my husband it’s called each time he tries to sneak a sleep suit or long-sleeved vest in) without thinking about it. But there was a time that my search for the perfect pair took me across west London.

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